Windows Beat Unix, But It Won’t Beat Linux

“The amazing thing isn’t that Windows beat the pants off Unix; it’s that so many of the Unix companies survived until today.
Linux came into the field though with two big advantages over the Unixes. The first was that it was open-source. In the meritocracy of open-source development, the good code survives and the bad code dies.
The second advantage was it had Linus Torvalds.”

Steven Vaughan-Nichols has an interesting article up on eWEEK on why Microsoft won’t beat Linux, and why the did beat UNIX.

I think his points in this article is very very right, and very very very clear. It’s not always the guy with “the best” product that wins the contest, everyone in this industry should always keep that one in mind.

Link: Windows Beat Unix, But It Won’t Beat Linux

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