Will Sun Kill Linux?

“If Sun gets very serious about Solaris 10 on x86 and the Open Solaris project that it hopes will nourish it, Linux vendors had better get very worried. That’s because, in the many areas where Linux is miles ahead of Solaris, Sun stands a good chance of catching up quickly.”

In my mind Sun will never “kill” Linux, they may offer some good competition, but that’s fine with me because competition is good for the industry in my opinion.

Personally I’ll always use either Linux or FreeBSD, beacause they are relativly vendor independant. The only major corporation, I know of, that offers support for Solaris just happens to be Sun themselves. If I used Debian Linux there are a lot of guys I could go to for support, guys like Progeny Linux, who’ve been working with Debian for years would be the first place I’d go, but if I didn’t like their service I could go to another support vendor.

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