Was Santa nice to you?

Because he certainly wasn’t mean to me! ūüėõ

Yet another Christmas has passed, and yet more billions of the world’s various currencies, have been spent on presents. This year I got a good new book to read, Essential System Administration by √Üleen Frisch, published by O’Reilly. It’s a huge, thick 1152-page book on UNIX system administration, covering GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, Tru64, AIX and Solaris. The book is from 2002, so it’s a little old, but I figure that system administration can’t change fundamentally that quickly, you have still have to be paranoid about security and all those sorts of things. I also got a bunch of cash, which will come in handy, because I’ve been meaning to start saving up for a new computer for a while and have not gotten around to it. I also got a cool new shirt, plus three pairs of socks. Also I got small fun things like a little dark-blue, glass dolphin, and various sorts of stuff.

To anyone reading this, hopefully you got something nice for Christmas as well!

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