Last Wednesday (4th of March, 2009) when I sat down in front of my computer, after watching TV in the living room, I noticed that the Internet had mysteriously dropped off completely. Applications I use that depend on Internet connectivity had throw up error messages etc. I tried resetting my ADSL modem, my routers, everything, but nothing worked, the Internet was dead. So on Friday I called my ISP, and they ran a test on my connection and it showed that there’s a cabling problem somewhere. They did book a technician to look into it, but that wouldn’t happen for another 6 – 10 days. Really, really, really, REALLY annoying, when you pretty much use the Internet all-day everyday.

It’s said that you take stuff for granted until you loose it, or are otherwise without it. And holy crap, that statement really holds some truth in it! Except for the fact that loss of Internet connectivity is not life threatening, right now I feel like I was out, by myself, sailing on the open ocean, and my engine broke down, I called for help on the radio, but assistance wouldn’t come for another 6 – 10 days! It’s tough in many ways. I would probably feel lonely a lot more than I do without the Internet, it’s like it enables me to be on my own, but not be alone or lonely.

Now, I’m sure you’re asking “If your Internet connection is out, how the hell can you post on your blog?!!?!?”, well, desperate situations call for desperate action! I’ve snuck into the computer room of the school I went to last year, and with my laptop in hand, is snooping on their Internet connection. Think of it as you wish! 😛

I’m a big dreamer, both in terms of actual dreams when I’m asleep, and also day-dreams. Of course I’m looking forward to be back online for real, but also in a slightly dreamy sense. At home I have also erected a computer lab in my room, I run a very sophisticated firewall, a DNS server, a web server, and many other things, fairly massive given the location. When I can reconnect to the Internet, it’s gonna be like in episode 15 of the anime series Last Exile, when the Silvana (Big-ass, steam-powered, airborne capital ship), after almost being sunk, and some on-spot repairs by crew-mechanics, can finally take off again.