Vatican/Catholic hypocrisy and terrorism

“Philippines President Benigno Aquino has signed into law a bill providing for free access to contraception and family planning.”

Source: Philippines contraception law signed by Benigno Aquino

Pats on the shoulder of President Aquino! Well done!

Now, whenever you hear the term “pro-life”, treat it and the person using it with the utmost contempt, because the person you are talking to is more often than not a cowardly hypocrite. A very simple test of three questions can determine it, simply ask them:

Are you against;

1. The death penalty?
2. War, the number one victims of which are always children?

If they say no to 1. and 2. then you got a hypocrite in front of you.

And most critically, ask them whether they support family planning and making contraception easily available as that is the only reliable way of reducing poverty, abortions, infant and maternal mortality rates.

If they say no to this critical question you most certainly got a hypocrite in front of you, these people are not “pro-life”, they are anti-women (That’s half the human species right there), anti-life and anti-progress.

The Catholic Church, of course, fails all three. The reasons?

1. It has repeatedly, throughout history, murdered/tortured and/or persecuted people for disagreeing with them, most glaringly the one about the Earth going around the sun (For people who don’t know, look up “Gallileo” on Wikipedia).

2. It has supported the biggest war-mongers in history (“Fascism” is really the political activities of the Catholic right-wing, exemplified by the Vatican’s support for Mussolini, Franco, and, yes, even Hitler).

3. See below, or better yet, read the article from the Philippines in its entirety.


“a bill providing for free access to contraception and family planning.”

“Condoms are widely sold in the Philippines, but at a price that many people cannot afford.”

“The Roman Catholic Church repeatedly tried to block the bill.”

“Several bishops have already threatened to contest the bill’s legality in the Supreme Court.”

“Many maternity hospitals are struggling to cope with the number of births, and the UN appealed to the Philippines earlier this year to pass the family planning bill.”

“A government health survey in 2011 found that the maternal mortality rate had risen by 36% between 2006 and 2010.”


Now please excuse me for a bit, I need to watch this…. again!

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