Ubuntu talking about dropping support for PowerPC

Apparently, the Ubuntu project is considering to drop it’s support for the PowerPC architecture, because “PowerPC, already a significantly less mainstream architecture than x86(-64), has seen it’s visibility further reduced by the fact that Apple, the primary source of consumer PowerPC hardware, has moved away from the platform. Ubuntu needs to decide whether PowerPC should continue as a fully supported platform for the feisty release.” according this page on the Ubuntu Wiki: wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCReview

Personally, I think this is a really stupid move, and it’s stupid that it’s even brought up as an issue. Why you ask? Well, a certain company in Cupertino, California has switched from PowerPC to Intel processor in the computers that they make, and that they will eventually drop PPC support in their operating system!

Yes, I am talking about Apple Computer and their Macintosh computers!

There’s already tons of “old” Macs out there, and as soon as uncle Steve don’t want to support PPC anymore, he’ll probably throw out something that tells all the Apple fans that “PPC is dead, nobody wants it anymore, it’s not cool anymore!” and then all the Apple fans will wanna get rid of their PowerPC machines.

That’s where PowerPC Linux and BSD comes in real handy, because if I could go to eBay and get like a dual G5 PowerMac for like 800 bucks, and put Linux on it, that’d be a damn nice machine!!
I’d love to get my mom a G5 iMac, but I personally do not like OS X (Apple fanboys, believe or not, but there actually are people who don’t like Mac OS X) so getting one used, cheaply, and putting Linux on there would also be really cool.

Generally, no reason to drop some hardware support in Linux just because some company doesn’t want to support their own products, that customers may have paid thousands of dollars for, any longer.
openSUSE is gonna have PowerPC support, and I think it’d be stupid for Ubuntu to drop PPC support, but that’s just my opinion.

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    Keep the good work!
    I really like do read you stuff, please write some more.
    It’s long time since you last write.

    See you on linux world
    Svend Hansen. 🙂

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