Tibetan students protest against Google’s agreement to censor Internet search results in China

“Google Inc. launched a search engine in China on Wednesday that censors material about human rights, Tibet and other topics sensitive to Beijing defending the move as a trade-off granting Chinese greater access to other information.
Searches for other sensitive subjects such as exiled Tibetan leader the Dalai Lama, Taiwan independence, and terms such as “democracy” and “human rights” yielded similar results.”

To me, Google’s censoring of search results is just absurd!


In my opinion, free speech is a human right, and by censoring search results, Google helps take those rights away from millions of people, I think that’s flat out wrong!


It should be pretty obvious why the chinese government doesn’t want their citizens to have complete freedom on internet, they don’t want their citizens to know about all the people Mao and his regime murdered in the past, they’re just a bunch of cowards in my opinion! A communist government that has to hide it’s apalling shit to avoid getting overthrown, is just a bunch of cowards!!

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