The Legend of Zelda Movie?

“Just after The Hylia did a feature on the possibility of a Zelda film, Reggie Fils-Aime spoke to Club Nintendo, a Mexican publication equivalent to Nintendo Power, about the Big N’s plans for their franchises on the silver screen. Plans that include The Legend of Zelda, and the production apparently will be handled by Nintendo itself.”

With both Tomb Raider and Doom being inspiration for movies, Nintendo could be thinking of doing a Zelda movie, which I think sounds cool. I’ve got a VHS tape with some old Zelda cartoon episodes, sadly there was only produced 13 episodes of that series. I think Nintendo generally has franchises that do very well for cartoons, Pokemon is great for this IMHO and I like those series, they also once had some Super Mario series, but they dropped that which I think is a shame because Mario’s world is wonderful for a cartoon, it can be darn funny and cool at the same time.
Recently a Kirby series has been made, I’m not sure how big it is because I don’t have any way to watch it, but from what I’ve seen it looks great, especially since it’s japanese anime, that is the perfect animation-model for Kirby.

From me to Nintendo: Use your franchises to make some great cartoons, I loved those that were made in the past, and I would sure like new ones! ūüėÄ

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