SUSE Linux 10.0 OSS RC1 is here!

“Looks like the openSUSE team jumped the gun a bit by releasing RC1 today instead of its intended debut, the 9th (tomorrow). This will be the last release until the final release of SUSE 10.0 slated for October 6th. Yay for the little green lizard!”

I’ve been looking at what this version of SUSE Linux is containing, and it looks PRETTY DAMN SWEET:

Apt4rpm included in the box.
The latest and greatest in KDE and GNOME.
MP3 support, Java, Flash and Real player right out of the box.
Kontact, Evolution AND Thunderbird.

Pretty damn sweet huh? 😀

I can’t wait until I finally can install the final version on my main desktop, gonna celebrate with a nice big pizza when that day arrives! 😀

If you have some spare time, go grab the RC1 release and help report bugs so we can get a rock solid SUSE Linux 10 final release next month! 😀

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