SUSE Linux 10 Final Released!

After two months of public beta testing, and bug reporting, the final version of SUSE Linux 10 is finally available!

You can either download a version that has some proprietary plugins like Flash, RealPlayer and Java included, or you can get the OSS version which is purely open source. I also wanna mention that if you choose to get the OSS version and feel like you need stuff like Flash, you can always add it in, there are YaST repositories for doing that.

SUSE Linux 10 is available for standard x86 machines, AMD64/EM64T and PowerPC. It includes over 4000 software packages, to name a few:

KDE 3.4.2
GNOME 2.12
Linux Kernel 2.6.13
GCC 4.0
glibc 2.3.4
X.Org 6.8.2
XEN 3 for Virtualization
Apache, CUPS, Samba, NFS, DHCP, DNS
Linphone 1.0*, Twinkle, kcall
BitTorrent, Ktorrent
Firefox 1.1, Konqueror
Evolution, Kontact, Thunderbird
Kopete, Gaim 2.0
iFolder 3
GIMP 2.2, ARCAD, Inkscape 0.42
F-spot, gwenview, gthumb
Banshee, CD/DVD burner
Wifi Support, Bluetooth support
AppArmor lite 1.2, snort
SuSE Firewall, Virus scanner, Spam filter
Tellico, PostgreSQL 8.0, YaST module to setup PostgreSQL, MySQL 4.1.13, Derby, sqlite
Mono 1.1.8, KDevelop 3.2, Eclipse 3.1.4

I plan to upgrade to SUSE Linux 10 later today, I have to finish the download of the images. Just as a final note, if you hate bringing down five ISOs, you can also do a network install where you boot the installation from a single CD and it just downloads the packages that you want during the installation, the reason I don’t do that is because I like having the ISOs sitting around in case a friend wants SUSE Linux ūüėČ

You can download SUSE Linux 10 at

Happy Hacking! ūüėÄ

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