Sony’s pre-E3 press conference

I was up late last night in order to be able to watch Sony’s pre-E3 press conference, live. They put on quite a flashy show with a lot of demos, connection options such as the ability to share game data between future PS3 games, and also the new PS3 controller, it looks virtually identical to the PS2 controller, but instead of having vibration built in, it features motion sensors, something which I think I’ve seen before, hmmmm, oh yeah it was Nintendo’s new controller!!!!! But as history tells us, Sony is known for being “inspired” by some of Nintendo’s stuff such as the rumble pak, but whatever, a Nintendo spokesperson commented on this earlier today: “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”.
I wonder why it is always Nintendo who has the balls to do something new for a change.

Sony also announced the launch date and pricing of the PS3, it will be available in Japan on the 11th of November and 17th of November in the US, it will be two configurations, one with a 20 GB hard drive and one with a 60 GB hard drive, which respectivly will cost, get ready here, $499 / $599 in the US and €499 / €599 here in Europe.

Now, at least for myself, that is a crapload of doe to suffer for a freaking game console!!!

Good luck getting the mainstream market to buy that thing for at least two years!!! That’s all I have to say.

Nintendo’s pre-E3 press conference is set to start in just two hours, as with Sony’s, you will be able to watch it live at

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