Red Steel 2 officially confirmed! :D

“At an event in Cannes, Ubisoft has finally confirmed what we’ve known for a long time now. Red Steel 2 is indeed in the works for the Wii. It seems as though Ubisoft will be completely reworking the sword fighting this time around, which will hopefully result in a much more engaging system. While an online mode was rumored, nothing has been confirmed just yet.” Source: Go Nintendo.

When Red Steel originally came out, a lot of people were extremely negative about the game because of the lukewarm controls and the sword fighting system. I have always thought that Red Steel definitely could have used, a couple of more months on the workbench. Now having said that, it was definitely not as bad as a lot of reviews made it out to be. I’m glad I ignored most of the reviews and went ahead and bought the game, because boy have I had a lot of fun with it, seriously I still play it quite a lot these days, shit I played it earlier today!
So as you probably have guessed, Ubisoft’s announcement of Red Steel 2 is extremely good news today. Now that there’s no “Wii launch date” to meet, I really hope they really take their time and do the sword fighting just right, and polish the graphics just a bit, because there were some parts in Red Steel that were somewhat “boxy”.

Anyway, for Red Steel 2, I really really hope that it’ll be possible to have multiplayer sword fights over the internet, that would just be amazing!

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