Protest against internet censoring

As if might notice, I have again put a new banner at the top my blog, this time to participate in a new campaign against censoring of the internet by Amnesty International.

I have always believed freedoms, of many different kinds, but apparently some other people in this world do not. I think we who live in a free nation should try to make our voice be heard, because there are millions of people out there who could be enjoying the same freedoms that we do today, the freedom of speech, the press, the expression and many other things, are freedom that everybody must always have even if not everybody is gonna choose to exercise them, but the people who do, should be able to do so freely, without fear of being imprisoned, tortured or otherwise punished for exercising what I and many others believe to be the very core of human rights!

I believe it is the responsibility of every nation on this earth to ensure the freedom of their citizens, it may take time to get to a place in time where this will hopefully be reality, but it is certainly not impossible, especially with the rate of growth we see in countries such as China and South Korea.

I hope you would consider participating in this attempt to make sure the internet will be free for everybody to use, as it is something that can unite all of us, and it is such a valuable tool that must NOT be restricted.
If you want to participate like I do, you can go to and find more information.

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