phpBB 3.0 … does it mean a future of better security?

The phpBB developers just released version 3.0, codenamed “Olympus”, and Dann of The Linux Link Tech Show already updated the TLLTS forum. Been playing around with it a little bit, and the default theme definitely looks much fresher in my opinion, and there’s also various new interesting features here and there. The layout is also generally improved. The thing I am most excited about, is the fact that 3.0 is supposed to vastly improve the overall security of phpBB. phpBB has had some absolutely horrible security problems in the past, which sometimes have made me hesitant about either using it or recommending that people use it. Hopefully, with version 3.0, this won’t be as big a problem, I say “as big”, because there’s always gonna be security problems. No matter how much you audit the shit out of something, there’s always gonna be security problems. Although, even so I still believe that phpBB 3.0 is definitely a step in the right direction.

Congratulations to the phpBB developers on the release of version 3.0! Because of the TLLTS forum I use phpBB every day, so a new generation of this great software is always exciting.

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