Sony PSP 1.50 firmware No-Swap exploit to be released?

“Almost a week after Killer-X and the PSP-Dev team released the revolutionary Swaploit v0.1, they seem to be at it again. Their website states that on the 22nd of June (tomorrow), at 12:00 GMT, they will be releasing a new version of this awesome program. Is this is the end of memory stick swapping?”

As people say, it’s not a matter IF, but WHEN something digital, with ANY sort of copy protection, gets cracked! 😉

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Doom 3 on two (SLI) PCI Voodoo2 (12mb) video cards

“By using a few third party patches, a gamer has been able to run Doom 3 on an AMD XP 1800+, 256 MB of RAM, and two vintage Voodoo 2 PCI video cards. It looks like a completely different game, though it still is, apparently, very playable with 60 FPS. You MUST check out the screenshots.”

I couldn’t even get Quake III to run smooth at higher resolutions with my old Voodoo2, but Doom3!!!

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