2GB and 4GB iPod Shuffles coming soon!

“Reports are surfacing, that 2GB and 4GB versions of the iPod Shuffle could hit shelves sometime between June and August 2005. The only versions available at the moment are 512MB and 1GB models.”

That’s some damn big flash-based iPods coming up. I might actually get one of these, since I don’t like carrying a big expensive mp3 player, like the iPod mini, and know that dropping it once can really hurt it.

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Nintendo DS hits 1 million mark!

“Since the Nintendo DS launched in Europe on the 11th March 2005, it has achieved record-breaking sales – with 500,000 units sold in its first three weeks alone. From this point, Nintendo DS purchases have ‘skyrocketed’ to shatter the one million mark in under three months.”

To me, this is not surprising. Nintendo really knows their stuff when it comes to handhelds! 😀

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SUSE LINUX 9.3 Released to Mirrors

“Some nine weeks after the official release of SUSE LINUX 9.3, an installable DVD image of the product has been released to SUSE’s download mirrors. SUSE is one of the leading Linux distributions on the market; its latest release is compiled from over 1,000 popular software packages and provides an early look at some emerging technologies, such as Xen virtualisation and Beagle desktop search.”

I’ve been running SUSE 9.3 since it came out, and I must say, it’s awesome and I can highly recommend it if you wanna get rid of Windows, SUSE 9.3 is absolutely an excellent choice among the many Linux distributions out there.

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