Ouch! Something spiky was in the mail this morning!

I was just out emptying the snailmailbox (Try saying that three times in a row! 😛 ), and low and behold! My pre-ordered OpenBSD 4.2 CD-set was sitting in there, along with a tiny Fedora laptop sticker which I have been wanting for a while (I’ll post a picture of later).

OpenBSD 4.2 CD-set #1

On the 7th I pre-ordered a 4.2 CD-set for a couple of reasons. Of course, the obvious one is to support OpenBSD and the work they do, and also this week is my autumn holiday, which means no school and very little sleep for an entire week! 😛
In other words, the perfect time to get that damned DNS server, that I have been wanting to get going, installed and set up! A few weeks ago, I bought a Dell OptiPlex GX150 (The small form-factor desktop case model) for the purpose. I have a Linksys WRT54GL router running DD-WRT, but Dnsmasq wasn’t quite cutting it for me.

OpenBSD 4.2 CD-set #2

So I wanted a full fledged DNS server using the Berkeley Internet Name Daemon (BIND). Unfortunately the delivery of the CD-set suffered a few delays (Snailmai is just total ass!), and not wanting to wait for it, I just downloaded all the source code and built a system release myself. Which was fun, I mean now I have tried that too, and it did work! 😀
Anyway, I think I have my DNS server running, although a few kinks in the configuration of reverse lookups remains to be sorted out, this is the first time I try setting up BIND, and so far it’s going pretty good, thanks to a pretty great tutorial that I ran into: OpenBSD as a domain name server.

OpenBSD 4.2 CD-set #3

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