Novell Plans to Open SuSE Linux Pro to Community

“Novell will be launching a community-based Linux distribution, OpenSuSE, at next week’s LinuxWorld in San Francisco, according to sources close to the company.

Following in the footsteps of Red Hat Inc. with its successful Fedora Project Linux distribution, Novell Inc. will be opening up its Linux development efforts with OpenSuSE, sources said.”

I REALLY hope these reports are correct, SUSE Linux is already a GREAT Linux distribution, but it really needs a good community around it, which it, sadly, hasn’t had for years. I’m really happy about Novell opening it up in a similar way, to what Red Hat has been doing with Fedora. I think being open and free (as in freedom) will help SUSE Linux improve in a lot of ways. Wireless management needs some serious work, the tools for doing that in the current release aren’t really that great compared to the competition from Mandriva Linux 2005 LE, which always has been open to the public and developed with a public open source community.
I think this recent development, will make for a better SUSE Linux, and a better SUSE Linux community.

Thumbs up Novell! ūüėÄ

Link: Novell Plans to Open SuSE Linux Pro to Community

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