Norway Commune Plans SUSE Deployment

“According to an article at, project manager Hilde Flugon indicated that the commune does not want to be stuck in a Windows world. They have chosen to use SUSE Linux and are currently looking for a supplier and contractor to handle installation and maintenance for the project.”

Sounds like great news for the Norwegian schools, not only will they be able to save a big pile of cash over the long term, but won’t be forced to upgrade when Microsoft terminates the support, and security updates, for Windows XP. This should also benefit the students, because the cash the schools will be able to save on the IT budget, they can use to buy new books and other educational material.
On my first school here in Denmark, which I left last June, some of the books there were from 1980, which to me is complete ridiculous! Especially when it comes to stuff like math and physics.

About a year ago, a school in Norway did an experiment, where they set up a SUSE Linux machine right next to a Windows XP machine, to see which the children liked the best, and guess what, SUSE Linux was a big hit, so I guess that proves that Linux is not only a better operating system, but that the desktop environments it offers is a lot more intuitive.

I wish the norwegian schools good luck on their migration to Linux, I certainly back their decision to get rid of Windows.. ūüėČ

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