Nintendo’s pre-E3 press conference

Just finished watching Nintendo’s pre-E3 press conference / media briefing or whatever you wanna call it, and all I have to say is: GREAT SHOW !!!

Unlike Sony’s conference yesterday, which seemed like a giant fortress of pure 1080p-show-off boredom, Nintendo’s conference was awesome, it was polished, well thought out, and had a lot of good stuff to show, that didn’t focus on how much money you could spend on an HDTV, but down to earth gameplay on the Nintendo Wii with the new controller featured as a gun, sword, baseball bat, tennis racket, bow and more.

Also, Nintendo ran a sweepstakes where one could win the chance to try out the Wii controller for the first time and that was also a part of the show, where Reggie, Satoru Iwata, Shigeru Miyamoto and the winner had a game of tennis on stage, and that was an awesome twist because you could really see that even the execs of Nintendo enjoy what they do.

Gamespot will have Nintendo’s E3 press conference up for download in a little bit, I strongly encourage you to go download it, it is a GREAT show.

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