New school, yet again.

You may have noticed that my blog has been pretty inactive for the last week, this is because I just started at a new school, which as you probably know takes a little while to get used to, especially since I now have to take the train every morning, which is very different than just a regular bus.

You may ask why I didn’t stay at the school I started at right after I graduated ninth grade, well I didn’t really feel comfortable with the “environment” there, people were nice and all that happy stuff, but there weren’t a single person who would properly understand a technical word like “bootloader” or “operating system kernel” which kind of made me a little lonesome, I did go there to improve my math and physics skills, but they weren’t being improved at all, so I decided to just take what I got from ninth grade and make the best of it at a technical related school ūüėČ

Currently I’m on a basic training course, which is basic electronic stuff , math and some general preparations for the main course, which I can attend after the summer holidays IF I can pass the summer test AND get an internship, which is gonna be a bigger challenge than the test, it’s very very hard to get an internship in todays Denmark, especially when it comes to the IT category, which is a sad-ass situation, because there are so many very cleaver people, besides myself but not that I’m bragging or anything, out there who can’t complete their education because of the requirement of internships.

So is this a dangerous route I’ve decided to go down to? Maybe it is, but I’ve decided to grab the bull by the horns and thrown it 100 meters away, because I have some dreams and I want to take them out into reality, and that always has it’s risks and challenges.

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