New graphical installer for Gentoo Linux!

“Gentoo Installer Project lead Andrew Gaffney made an announcement this week about version 0.1 of GLI! This is a milestone in Gentoo’s history as it was installer-free before and the user had to do every step manually with the help of the Gentoo Handbook.”

I’ve been a fan of Gentoo Linux for a long time, if you like to have everything, and I mean literally everything, optimized for your computer, I can’t think of a better way than using Gentoo Linux. Once you get the thing installed, which until now is a scary task for people not comfortable on the commandline, it’s so easy to install something, it takes some time though, especially if you have an older computer, because Gentoo’s package manager, Portage, compiles everything from source. If you, like me, are a total geek, you should definitely try out Gentoo Linux, highly recommended.

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