New exploit blows by fully patched Windows XP systems

“A zero-day exploit affecting fully-patched Windows installations is afoot. Merely viewing a malicious WMF image in Internet Explorer will install various nasties to your PC. Time to upgrade to Firefox!”

Microsoft having a new security hole… What a surprise!

How bad are Microsoft’s programmers??
Are they just plain stupid or something? Why are there so many freaking buffer overflow vulnerabilities in their shitty Windows operating system? It’s just amazing how bad a such widely used operating system can be designed, and people are just eating up all the ridiculous “Get The Facts”-propaganda crap that Microsoft puts out.

Even if you use Firefox or Opera, which you should by the way because IE is just fundementally a dangerous browser to use, you’re still vulnerable to this new exploit because it’s still Windows which is handling the system calls.
There is a workaround though, you can unregister the DLL that’s vulnerable, which is a good solution, until the fools in Redmond gets their act together, and puts out a patch for it! You can find instructions for unregistering this DLL here.

Oh and by the way, you could also just install Linux, and be done with this total nonsense of security holes, viruses, adware, spyware, trojans and worms. Just go download SUSE Linux 10.0 for crying out load! It’s eaisier to install than Windows, it’s a better product, and includes more software than you could ever use, it’s really a wonderful operating system, and by the way, did I mention it’s free? And in case you need a little more handholding, just buy the retail package of SUSE Linux 10.0, in that you get the installation media, great instruction manuals and 90-days of installation support.
This might sound like some kind of advertisement, but it’s really just a recommendation!

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