Nepal becomes a republic

I’ve been following the events happening in Nepal, for a little while now. Not just because I don’t like monarchies in general, but I especially love when “bad and evil” monarchies are simply abolished, rather than turned into a constitutional monarchy. If you ask me, we ought to do the same in Denmark (I love the idea of “Republic of Denmark”), so that we can spend the millions of Danish kroner, that we waste on maintaining our silly (constitutional) monarchy, on education, healthcare, public transport, infrastructure and many other things, that they would be better spent on! Instead of sponsoring a group of rich people having a big circle jerk year in, and year out, for the newspapers and tabloid reporters to write about !!!

Anyway, that was a side-issue …

Congratulations to the people of Nepal!

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  1. Its good news in Nepal and a communist government too well maoist one.
    Its going be interesting to watch what happens.
    Will they follow what Venezuela is doing any nationalise everything.
    England is just as bad and the population love it, man they need some major medical surgery 😛

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