Liers and cowards!

Early this week, or late last week, I forgot the exact time, we found out that the Danish government threatened Iraq with suspending aid to the country, if it didn’t sign a deal to take in some Iraqi refugees whom apparently aren’t qualified for asylum or other forms of stay in Denmark. Now this is bad enough, BUT JUST TODAY!! Now we freaking find out* that during the handling of the Iraqi’s asylum cases, the non-god damn immigration service didn’t actually check on the situation in the provinces near Baghdad, from where 128 of the refugees are from, because it was actually TOO DANGEROUS FOR THEM TO FREAKING CHECK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And they intend to deport people to those places!!! This is an absolute abomination, this is bullshit, this is outrageous! Never in my wildest dreams did I expect our current government to sink this low, and actually risk/threaten the lives of people who fled a country which WE helped invade, occupy and utterly destroy! The lying, absolute cowardice and just plain-old dishonesty that this shows is just beyond belief!

*) Irakere skal hjem til livsfarlige provinser

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