Just pre-ordered OpenBSD 4.2

After hearing on undeadly.org, that people were already starting to receive their pre-ordered OpenBSD 4.2 CD-sets, I emailed the guy behind linuxpusher.dk (The place I buy OpenBSD CD-sets from when I do) and asked when he expected to get them. He replied back and said that he’s hoping to get them by the middle of this upcoming week. I placed a pre-order earlier tonight, because I wanted to be sure that he’d ships it as soon as possible after he receives the CD-sets from the distributor. By now you might wonder, “Why all the excitement?”, well the thing is, last week, I bought another computer, an old Dell OptiPlex GX150 machine with a 1 GHz Pentium 3 processor and 256 MB of RAM, which I’m gonna use for a DNS server. Being the security nut, and OpenBSD fan that I am, I thought this would be the ideal platform to run it on, plus since 4.2 is officially coming out on November the 1st, it made no sense for me to install 4.1 and upgrade like a week later, too much hastle! Also, next week is my one week autumn holiday, so I’ll have lots of time to hack on this thing! ūüėÄ

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