Inactivity; New episode of LaGER

Howdy folks, just wanted to let you know, that my blog isn’t dead, I’ve just had a lot of stuff on my mind during the last 1½ month, I’m getting closer to have it all solved, but I think it will take a little while stll. Although I will be posting more stuff, I didn’t set this blog up for nothing 😉

Anyway, episode six of LaGER, the podcast I do with Dann S. Washko from The Linux Link Tech Show and a bunch of other guys, is recorded and ready for a little editing and should be out shortly. On this show, I talk about multimedia players on GNU/Linux, and the legal issues associated with those, my segment is about 50 mins. long I believe, we also discuss the KDE project’s announcement of their upcoming multimedia framework, Phonon, and I do the first part of my multimedia application round-up, this week I talk about four KDE apps for audio and video playback (2 music players + 2 video players), next week I’ll be talking about some great GNOME apps, and the week after that I will talk about some desktop agnostic apps that may be useful if you’re running a leightweight desktop on your GNU/Linux or *BSD box. And then finally the week after that I plan to mention a few apps for editing audio, video and making DVDs (I just found a really cool and simple iDVD-style app for KDE today, and I really look forward to tell you about it).

I hope you’ll go to and subscribe to the podcast, or download episode six when it’s out, which it should be in a few hours, if you wanna send me or the other guys feedback, you can do so by sending an email to: lager [at]
Or by you can do it directly by IRC: #lager @

Even though I’m one of the co-hosts, I have missed about three shows, because I had to visit family members during easter, but I think I have the next few weeks scheduled out.

Happy Hacking!

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