I quit … HALLELUJAH!!!

Just came back from a visit to the local church office on my parish, where I filled out a form to quit the Danish state church, folkekirken. Boy does it feel good to finally having that done! 😀

I’m fairly happy I got this done this week, because next week is my 20th birthday, so I’ll be entering a new decade in my life, with this fresh change, which is going to be nice. Now I never have to worry about accidentally paying the church tax (In the case I had forgotten about quitting the state church) when I get a job in the future, which would go towards funding what I have termed the Sunday Circus, when I am being polite, or the weekly circle jerk on Sundays, when I am not being polite.

Anyway, I hope we Danes get our act together and separate church and state in the future, if the Swedes can do it, bloody hell we can too!
Being a socialist, I am obviously not that big a fan of privatizations, however there is one privatization I’d love to see done, and that would be the privatization of the Danish state church, buildings, employees, every damn thing that has got to do with this joke that only 2,5% of the population actually use. And then we could stop spending 650 million DKK a year for funding this stuff!
If we look at history, it shows us that there’s tons of money in religion, I’m sure there’d be a buyer for the state church! 😈

If you are a member of the Danish state church, and just got offended, look in the upper-right corner of your screen, there’s a small button with a cross on it, just click that, come on go ahead! 😉

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  1. “Congratulations, now you are truly free to believe in what you want to.”

    Well, that was always the case anyway, this is more symbolic (Although in that field this is big), than practical, except for the church tax thing.

    “Maybe with the extra cash you could donate it to a Buddhist fund.”

    Nah, what’s the point. Buddhism is about finding your own path to liberation (Nibbana), you can’t “pay” somebody else to do it for you.

  2. hi Troels, hi Danmark, ANTITHEISM RULES! (i have friends in Bisserup, Sjeland, and i lived there in the “skov”, in a tent, with my dog for a year!. hooray for the northern countries, they show the way!’and don’t go to much south(too dangerous, religious, sexist, violent, and anyway….to hot!. Reine and Poutou(the DOG not the god!).

  3. “Buddhism is another religion…..don’t believe the hype!.”

    In my opinion, the answer is both yes and no, depending your own views. For me, Buddhism (Right now I am speaking of the Theravada school) is a philosophy. You don’t have to be religious to agree with the Four Noble Truths, which I do, by the way, but not for any religious reasons. I agree with the Four Noble Truths because I went through them in my mind, and said “This makes sense”, from a practical, real-life stand-point. For reference, you can see what they are here: Four Noble Truths – Pali canon text.
    I agree that especially certain kinds of Buddhism are definitely religions (Because some have some forms of deity worship to varying degrees), but there are also some that I feel can be either a religion or a philosophy, depending on how a person looks at it.

    Personally, I consider myself an atheist, in terms of my religious stance. In terms of world view, view on the universe, life it-self and and other things like that, I would consider myself a Humanistic Buddhist. One thing I find really fascinating is the description of the universe that many forms of Buddhism have: “Space has no end, and there are endless number of worlds.”.
    Talk about hitting the jackpot, given the fact that the Buddha said that like 2,500 years ago!

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