I hate spam, but I like comments! :)

Have I ever told you guys how much I hate spam! WE ALL HATE SPAM! Be it email spam, blog spam and others kind of spam!
I have before considered turning off comments on my blog, because I just can’t stand blog spam, however thanks to this WordPress extension called Akismet it doesn’t bother me that much, although I still have stats like this: “Akismet has caught 17,024 spam for you since you first installed it.”.

Although I always come to the conclusion that I rather leave it on, so that I can get an occasional comment to something I post.

Which was the case with my last post on Sri Lanka and it’s government. A gentleman going by the name Sampath, submitted a comment, that I would to comment on. First of all, Sampath, thank you very much for your comment, I always appreciate people telling me how they feel about something I say or write. I’m gonna do a point by point comment to his comment (Boy now even I am getting confused!), to keep it simple:

Hi.. What you are thinking is correct. But this is the basic for any conflict. You should know the whole story and don’t you find anything wrong about LTTE.

I apologize for creating that illusion, but you should know that I do indeed find a lot of things wrong with the LTTE, and I agree with classifying them as a terrorist organization. Wikipedia has an entire list full of shit, that they’ve done, are doing or might be doing. I don’t like blaming people for things we can’t be sure whether they’ve done, so I’ll just stick to the things that we know that they’ve done. Having done just a tiny bit of looking around, I can see that they’ve committed various massacres against other people. Honestly, if the people responsible are ever caught, I think they should be put in trial for war crimes, just like the war criminals of Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan during World War II.

You can’t talk like that to a president elected by people of Sri Lanka.

Well, people sure aren’t afraid to call President George Bush of the United States, an idiot, why should any president, of any country, elected by anybody be any different? Nationalism skews judgement in favor of something, and that fundamentally creates unfairness, that’s how I look at it.

Also why lot of countries have declared LTTE as terrorists ?

Wikipedia states that:
The UN has also passed Resolution 1373, asking member countries to identify and limit activities of any organization that carries out terrorist activities. The UN has not published its own list of terrorist groups, and has left their identification to the discretion of member countries. Former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan also suggested that the LTTE should face travel curbs and other penalties if they keep using children as soldiers. In a 2006 report to the Security Council, Annan also recommended other sanctions such as arms embargoes and financial restrictions against the LTTE. Australia and other countries have listed the LTTE as a terrorist group in accordance with Resolution 1373. Canada does not grant residency to LTTE members on the grounds that they have participated in crimes against humanity.

I think that clears things up for both of us.

Don’t shout like this.

You’re right, I shouldn’t shout, sorry about that. But please understand I just get upset when I hear about people being treated badly, especially when we’re talking about innocent people being killed, because some idiot somewhere thinks that war is a solution to problem.

Though you are adopted, now you have no trouble. You are asking Sri Lankans to beg to a terrorist leader. Are you telling this to USA regarding Bin Laden ?

I’m afraid I do not know exactly what you mean by “asking Sri Lankans to beg to a terrorist leader”. If you saw my post as pro-LTTE and that Sri Lanka should put Velupillai Prabhakaran (The leader of LTTE) in the position as president, you severely misunderstood it, and I apologize for making it seem that way. Terrorists, or people backing terrorists, shouldn’t rule a country in my opinion. And I do think Bush is a crazy idiot in a lot of cases, the people who voted for him during the US presidential election in 2004 obviously weren’t thinking straight. And yeah, I think the invasion of Iraq was a HUGE mistake, but what is done is just done, now we gotta find a way to fix this mess! Good luck to Bush’s successor, he or she will certainly need it!

Better you mind your business without trying to be a smart parrot.

Don’t worry, I will! 😉
In fact, I’m glad I was put up for adoption (The woman who gave birth to me obviously cared more about me, than just leaving me on some street or drowning me or something), that way I didn’t risk getting killed in a war that I didn’t start. Some of us get lucky I guess, and yeah you’re right when you say “now you have no trouble”, but I would hope that, that does not mean that I have to not care, when I hear about people getting killed in the country in which I was born, that ancestry is a part of me after all, and always will be …

Check this link about peace efforts

Thanks for that link, it’s good to see that attempts have indeed been made, but you know you just gotta keep trying, when trying to make peace, it only matters a little bit that you have already tried, because you gotta keep trying.

Once again, thanks to Mr. Sampath for leaving a comment, I hope other people will do the same, that is indeed what free speech is for.

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