I am a backup solution!

I totally feel like backup solution right now … well in a good sense that is, not like in a bad way. What happened was that on tonight’s episode of The Linux Link Tech Show, the guest hadn’t showed up, Then the guys went on to talk about multimedia stuff, but Dann seemed to have a little bit of difficulty understanding some of the confusing DMCA, EUCD, patent licensing stuff. So I prodded in the IRC channel, and hey I was allowed to come on and tell ’em about it, which I did, it was great. I ended up staying on until the show was over, the original guest never showed up for some reason. But whatever the case is, hopefully I was a good backup solution, now that this week’s guest didn’t turn up.

Hopefully Dann will get the podcast version posted soon, so that all of you can hear it.

Update: The show is now available for now download: tllts_224-12-19-07.ogg.

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