HP to distribute computers pre-loaded with Mandriva Linux 2006 to 37 countries in Latin America

“Mandriva, publisher of the popular Mandriva Linux operating system, today announced a new partnership with HP to distribute HP computers pre-loaded with Mandriva Linux 2006 to 37 countries in Latin America.”

Good for the people down there in Latin America, they’ll be getting a free, better and cheaper operating system, that they could use to a lot of fun stuff with. I still believe that the poorer nations might not be that ready for 100 dollar laptops and stuff, considering that a lot of people in those countries don’t even have access to clean water to drink, and have to work their ass-off for a bunch of bread crums. But, I think Linux can help make this better, I’m 100% sure that there are those people down there, who don’t know they would be very good at using a computer, because they never had the option to. I think that computers, and especially with Linux and free software, can help provide education for people, and in the end help making the society better. I’m not suggesting that Linux will be their “Mesias”, absolutely not, but what I AM sayng is that Linux, and computing in general, can provide a little avenue to making life better for everyone.

Sounds like a dream right? Well, I really hope that there will be a day when people don’t have to starve because they don’t have money for food, that their children die at a young age because there are no money for medicine and stuff, all those things should be freely available to everyone, food shouldn’t be something you would have to pay for in my opinion, a house you probably had to pay for, but come ,on isn’t the thought of having to pay in order to stay alive absurd?
Also if food, water and medicine was free, as in “no-price”, and more available, to all the poor people in this world, I think this world would be way different. Why do rebels start civil wars? In a lot of cases because they are angry about something, and I think that all of the conflicts in Africa could be lessened if people didn’t have to die hunger, and diseases that could be cured. If we had such an infrastructure, then we could eaisily provide everyone with a “miracle aids medicine” the day it was invented and guaranteed to work in a lot of cases, because I belive that day will come, not tomorrow, but I think it will be here in the future. Nature brought aids into this world, I am sure that there are ways we can banish it and other similar things from our world.

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