Great Firefox Extensions

Lately I’ve been tweaking my Firefox a little, adding new extensions and all kinds of good stuff, and I’ve found some very very sweat extensions!

One that I found particularly cool is one called Feedview, which changes the way Firefox displays an RSS XML file when you try to view it in the browser. Normally Firefox will just show the raw XML, but with this extension installed you get a nicely layed out page with the RSS entries, I know Apple’s Safari web browser does thing kind of thing too, and I gotta say, it’s really really nice. One thing I do when I check out new podcasts is that I will go take a look at the RSS feed, download an episode and see if it’s something that catches my interest, instead of subscribing to the podcast from day one.

Also I was getting a little tired of banner huge amounts of banners on a lot of websites, so I grabbed Adblock, with the Filterset.G Updater and boom, I can remove Google ads, all the stupid banner crap…….

It’s interesting what good stuff you can find over at ! ūüėČ
Even if Microsoft gets their proprietary Firefox clone out of the door someday here in 2006, I doubt it will have the same kind of flexibility and extension ability as Firefox and the Mozilla products have. What the Mozilla guys did a long time ago now, was to make the Gecko rendering engine draw the whole user interface, not just the web pages, so all the scroll bars, buttons and stuff are all done with Javascript and XML! Isn’t that amazing?

Once again, Firefox rocks! ūüėÄ

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