FreeBSD 6.0 Released To Mirrors!

FreeBSD 6.0 has just been released to mirrors around the world, I guess I found out so early that the folks over at the FreeBSD project didn’t get a chance to post news about it on their website, as of writing. ūüėõ

Anyway, FreeBSD 6.0 brings some major updates to the FreeBSD operating system. Stability and performance has improved a lot, and support for wireless networking has also been improved. And of course A LOT of bugs has been fixed.

I’ve been anxiously awaiting this new one because I really want to use FreeBSD on my main desktop computer, but 5.4 has some problems with the IDE controller on my motherboard, which is pretty much a pain in the butt since I have a lot more IDE drives than I do SATA drives.

If you, like me, wanna give the new version 6.0 of FreeBSD a whirl, go check it out at

BSD Daemon

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