Fedora Core 4 now available!

“Ladies and Gentlemen, you may have *thought* you were using the latest and greatest in open source software, but folks, today we have something really, really exciting for you. It purrs. It hums. It mesmerizes. It is … FEDORA CORE FOUR. That’s right, the premier open source operating system has just turned 4 — four releases that is! But before we tell you how much this is going to cost, here are a few of the fabulous features: GNOME 2.10, OpenOffice.org 2.0 prerelease, Eclipse and a 100% open source Java stack, Fedora Extras, KDE 3.4, PPC. All of that, yes, all of that. But, wait!, before you reach for your wallet, you should hear about a few more of Fedora Core 4’s fabulous features….”

If you are looking for a free alternative to Red Hat Enterprise Linux, you might wanna take a look at Fedora Core 4. Personally I really like Fedora, because it fairly simple and painless to use, but also because it’s 100% free! ūüėÄ

Something I really like about this new version is that it’s available for PowerPC computers, so all of you Macintosh owners out there can also give Fedora Core 4 a shot! ūüėČ

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