Europe’s complicity and oppression

The following is a comment I wrote on the European Parliament’s Facebook page in response to the question “Force is not the answer to the legitimate concerns and democratic aspirations of the Egyptian people”, said Parliament’s president Jerzy Buzek last night, calling on Egypt to fully respect the fundamental rights and freedoms of citizens. The right position from the EU?

The European Union and Europe in general is completely complicit in the oppression of the people of Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt and many other countries, standing idle by and funds the regimes of dictators, rather than making sure that these tyrants are forced to obey the wishes of their people. While Tunisians and Egyptians are in the streets willing to risk their lives to the goal of a revolution to oust their corrupt oppressors, we Europeans should do a revolution of our own in regard to our policies towards the Middle East and the Arab-speaking parts of the world, so that we support genuine democracy, and undermine tyranny, rather than being complicit in oppression.

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