European Pokémon fans, unite!

On December 24th, Yule/Winter solstice celebration/Christmas day here in Denmark, I launched an ambitious new project of mine, which I have planning been for, for about a month, which I call the United European Pokémon Communities.

The basics of it is, that it’s a phpBB3-based forum, with a ton of language packs, some small hacks to make language support even more smooth, a unique structure of governance, and the goal of attempting to bring Pokémon fans from across Europe together on one forum, to supplement national forums and make for a bridge between our nations.

The forum has national sections, currently Danish, Germany, Greek, British (English) and international forums, so that people can come and discuss things in their native language and if they feel like it, through the same site, trivially communicate across national borders.

United European Pokémon Communities


Est Europa nunc unita
et unita maneat;
una in diversitate
pacem mundi augeat.

Semper regnant in Europa
fides et iustitia
et libertas populorum
in maiore patria.

Cives, floreat Europa,
opus magnum vocat vos.
Stellae signa sunt in caelo
aureae, quae iungant nos.


Europe is united now
United may it remain;
Our unity in diversity
May it contribute to world peace.

May there forever reign in Europe
Faith and justice
And freedom of the people
In a greater homeland

Citizens, may Europe flourish,
A great task calls on you.
Golden stars in the sky are
The symbols that shall unite us.

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  1. Euronationalism is a new kind of nationalism that has overtaken the traditional view of one’s homeland as the superior nation. Furthermore, the founding platform of the European Union is not divided unity, it’s capitalism. Therefore EU is in my opinion a rebranding of the present state of affairs, because everyone in general is against isolationism within the countries today.

    But apart from that, congratulations on your new project and may you have luck with it.

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