DVD Shrink Is No More

“DVD Shrink is now officially dead. According to the website, “DVD Shrink is no more” and they have removed all of the download links as well.”

This thing really sucks, first DVD Decrypter died, and now DVD Shrink. Both wonderful programs, my meesage to RIAA and MPAA: FUCK YOU BASTARDS!!!!!!

If I’m going on a holiday and I wanna bring a laptop along and watch movies on it, I don’t wanna bring 20 discs, I want to put them on the hard-drive. What’s wrong about that?

And even if they fine me 25,000 dollars, I would refuse to pay them and still backup my movies.

If you look around on the web you can still find DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink. I’ve seen them on BitTorrent, they’re still out there.

“Legends never dies”…

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