Deconstructing Xbox 360 Security

Video recordings of the various presentations from the 24th Chaos Communication Congress are now available on the Internet. I immediately went and pulled down Why Silicon-Based Security is still that hard: Deconstructing Xbox 360 Security by Michael Steil and Felix Domke. In this presentation the Xbox 360’s security system is explained in details, plus various hacks against it. Using some of these hacks, Debian GNU/Linux is shown being run on the console. It was really amusing (Which the crowd attested to by cheering, laughing and applauding) when the Linux kernel boot-up messages first appeared on the big projector screen. I’ll admit, I was like “YEAH!!!!!” as well! Beautiful! And then at the end were that little Wii hack demonstration, which I talked about on new year’s eve (Wii homebrew … coming soon! 😀), which is always nice.

If you’re interested in security, console hacking or hacking in general, I highly recommend you go take a look at this presentation, which you can find, among many others, over on the CCC wiki:
Both torrents and direct downloads are available, I’d recommend saving people some bandwidth and using the torrents. Great stuff! 😀

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