Debian Unstable gets

“Debian has now made the transition to the installation of the X11 Window system. If you’re running sid/etch you should be able to upgrade now.
The transition had previously been on hold until Sarge was released – as it was judged too major a change to add to the release at the last minute.
Now Sarge is out Debian development continues and one of the most anticipated changes is upon us. (Other changes are also occurring such as the C++ ABI upgrade).”

About time the Debian guys switched up!
When I tried Debian Sarge out, a little over a month ago, I was actually a little disappointed to see that they didn’t include Xorg, mainly because a lot of Debian derivatives was already using Xorg, and also because Debian Sarge had been in development for almost three years. But better late than never, right? The Debian team has promised an annual release schedule, so we’ll probably see an official version of Debian with Xorg soon.

Link: Debian Unstable gets

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