Yesterday around 13:15, the Folketing (Danish parliament) with a vote of 62 in favor, and 53 against, granted homosexual couples the right to adopt children on the same basis as heterosexual couples and single people.

Congratulations to every homosexual! 😀
I’m ashamed, quite frankly, that we couldn’t have done it sooner. Even though this doesn’t directly affect me (I’m not homosexual), this is a victory for me as well. There’s nothing that upsets or offends me more, than when people’s rights and freedoms are suppressed because of fear, bigotry, prejudice and hatred! This is one more step on the endless (Sadly) road to fixing that. Every person living in Denmark, who believes in equality, should see this as a victory not just for homosexuals, but for society as a whole.

Lady Liberty and Lady Justice demonstrating their dependency on each other.