Congratulations to homosexuals in Denmark, and every Dane appreciating equality!

Yesterday around 13:15, the Folketing (Danish parliament) with a vote of 62 in favor, and 53 against, granted homosexual couples the right to adopt children on the same basis as heterosexual couples and single people.

Congratulations to every homosexual! ūüėÄ
I’m ashamed, quite frankly, that we couldn’t have done it sooner. Even though this doesn’t directly affect me (I’m not homosexual), this is a victory for me as well. There’s nothing that upsets or offends me more, than when people’s rights and freedoms are suppressed because of fear, bigotry, prejudice and hatred! This is one more step on the endless (Sadly) road to fixing that. Every person living in Denmark, who believes in equality, should see this as a victory not just for homosexuals, but for society as a whole.

Lady Liberty and Lady Justice demonstrating their dependency on each other.

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  1. Talking of liberty, how is the Internet censorship debate happening in Denmark? Is there calls to have it removed? What does the Venstre-Konservative coalition have to say on the matter?

    I sent you an e-mail last week that ever arrived. I wonder if you might answer the following questions:

    Anyway, my questions:

    What is the current state of civil liberties in Denmark? I was in Copenhagen last year and never spotted a single public CCTV camera outside the airport, the train station and the supermarkets. Has this changed?

    How are the Venstre/Konservative coalition behaving at the moment? I don’t think there are many Danish political blogs written in English despite everyone being able to speak it (I get the feeling that this is deliberate but I really don’t mind, the Danes have it about right).

    What is the situation with Internet censorship over there? I know there was a furore with the web censorship list being posted online.

    How is Rasmussen holding onto his free speech ideals?

    Will Denmark ditch its krone and join the euro? How is the Danish economy dealing with the recession?

    I’m back in Copenhagen on April 17 and can’t wait. I do read the Copenhagen Post from time to time and it’s amazing how quaint the headlines appear to jaded eyes like ours.

    If you have any questions about politics in the UK just ask. British politics is much more accessible to outsiders than the political workings of most European countries (with the exception of the Republic of Ireland). We essentially have a delusional man running round the country ‘saving the world’ while the country becomes increasingly authoritarian. In fact, I think Britain’s becoming quite a frightening place to live and many people would like to leave. Hence the questions about other countries.

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