Classic Comedy!

I always love when a big pissing match, over something related to religion comes up, because the reactions from governments, and the small, vocal amount of people who protest or do stupid things, just make such great comedy! Not that they’re directly funny, but they’re just so ridiculously stupid that it’s funny! The source for all the following statements by people from various governments, is this article, UN chief condemns anti-Islam film, on BBC News.

Get this for instance:

“Pakistan said it told the Dutch ambassador that it was incumbent on the Netherlands to prosecute Mr Wilders for defamation and deliberately hurting Muslim sentiments, the official Associated Press of Pakistan news agency reported.”

Ah, great one to start out with! If they had said that to me (And they essentially did two years ago with the pissing match over the drawings of the prophet Muhammed), my reactions would be something along the lines of: Ummmm, OK? Dude, have you heard about this small concept, which be very alien to you, called freedom of expression? It’s a small concept that we in the west advocate. Anyway, anything else? OK good, then stick it in your asses!

Here’s another one that is less stupid-funny, but just simply stupid:

“The world’s most populous Muslim nation, Indonesia, also condemned the film, saying it was “misleading and full of racism”.”

OK guys, in case you folks in Indonesia skipped out on school, “racism” means:

1 : a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race
2 : racial prejudice or discrimination

Source: Britannica Online Encyclopedia – Definition of racism.

I have watched Geert Wilders film (If you want to see it, here’s you go: Fitna the Movie: Geert Wilders’ film about the Quran (English) ), and going by the above definition, I can find absolutely no traces of racism in it. So to the folks in Indonesia who see “racism” in it, get a dictionary, go to school and get a life!

Here’s one that I think is self-defeating:

“The foreign ministry in Bangladesh issued a statement calling the film “unwarranted” and “mindless”.”

Dudes, if you think something is mindless, please just keep quiet and ignore it, the fact that you bother saying that you think the film is mindless, is mindless!.

And to wrap up, here’s the usual, inevitable and retarded statement from Iran (They must have a book full of these by now …):

“Iran said it was blasphemous, anti-Islamic and heinous – a sign it said of deep hatred felt by Westerners towards Muslims.”

HA! What a surprise, Iran calling something critic of their religion, … blasphemous! … of all the words in the world! Can’t you losers be more creative! Come on!
You know, I think a staunch, zealot lesbian (I have nothing against homosexuality, yeah, I said it, damn it!) would see my dick as blasphemous against her beloved womanhood!

Oh, and Mr. Ahmadinejad … regarding Westerners hating Muslims, please cut the fucking shit! We don’t hate Muslims (In fact a person I consider a true friend is a Muslim, so there!), we just don’t like fundamentalist, facist extremists like you sir.

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