Response to Karmus’ comment on my “FARC… A big farce!” post

The comment made to my post FARC… A big farce!, can be seen in full here: ” … Indeed they have killed a lot of civilians by accident in their actions against the paramilitary and governmental repression they have been met with, …” Do you really see people dying in captivity as an “accident” […]

FARC… A big farce!

In light of the rescue of Íngrid Betancourt, a former Colombian presidential candidate, last week on July 2nd, DR2 (A Danish TV channel) showed a documentary about her political campaigning and following kidnapping by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC as they are better known. FARC are notorious for their kidnapping of thousands […]


Before I say anything, let me warn you that while writing this, I am about to explode out of frustration and anger. In my opinion, the responsibility of a government is to insure it’s people’s well being, and to work in the people’s best interests. But look at what is happening out there: This […]

“Religion is poison” – Mao Zedong

Dutch politician Geert Wilders, released his Islam-critic short-film Fitna, on the Internet earlier today. I finished watching it about an hour ago, and I just watched a TV debate about the film. One of the people on there, essentially called it a very very mediocre clip show. I won’t go so far as to call […]

People’s “Repression” Army!

While surfing around on Wikipedia a few days ago, it occurred to me that the Chinese army’s name, People’s Liberation Army, is not very appropriate in that it’s a very misleading name. A more correct name, to me, would be People’s Repression Army. Especially with the events that has been happening in Tibet recently, this […]