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I need this t-shirt!

I was just looking around, and ran across this t-shirt, and a moment of “I NEED THAT!” 😛

Looking For A Japanese Girlfriend

According to ThinkGeek’s product description, the text on the t-shirt is “best translated as “Now accepting applications for Japanese girlfriends.””. Funny stuff! And hey, if you look under the “Action shots” on the product page for that t-shirt, you can see that it does work:

Thank goodness for caffeine!

Right at this moment, I am sittin in a German class at school, and I didn’t got a minute of sleep last night. Now, that is of course my own doing entirely, but you know, once you start working on something, you can’t stop until it’s done, right? 😛
Been working quite a lot on doing some research for an article on FreeBSD jails, that I have been promising some friends for months. The problem is that I am just so damn lazy, and can never pull myself together to get anything done, even though I want to get it done.
Anyway, back to me in the German class. If it wasn’t because I have some Pepsi cola with me right now, which does contain some caffeine, I would be feeling like a zombie right now! Because German is probably the class I cannot stand. No offense to any Germans or German-speakers, peace everyone. The problem is just that I don’t really need German, but it’s a require for entering into the Higher Preparatory Examination, and from then on, I don’t have to take classes on it any further. So why the fuck be forced to “learn” this shit in the first place!!! I put learn in quotes, because you don’t really learn to speak German, because of the level, you just learn to say a bunch of standardized sentences. And another problem is that I have litterally zero interest in learning German. I believe that to be able to master a language, you have to have at least a little bit if personal interest in that language, if you don’t you’re just gonna see it as an obstacle to your everyday life. I am personally very interested in learning Japanese, so why couldn’t I just do a self-study course on Japanese instead of taking classes on German? For the universe’s sake, there’s over 150 million people that speak Japanese!!!

Ugh, frustrating! ARRGGGG!!! As the pirates would say!

Just a random rant live from my German class!

Again, I mean no offense to any German people! You guys are awesome! Please keep up the good work you go on using GNU/Linux! Denmark ought to pay attention!

Cleaver people stuck on canned fish!

Something I have been thinking about lately, as part of a joke I tell myself when I’m out in the kitchen, at 4 for a quick meal, how come people who seem wiser (wise people) than your average dumbfuck hoohaa-i-fuck-girls-four-years-younger-than-me-and-get-piss-drunk-several-times-a-week teenager? Because these people (Who I will refer to as stupid people), always seem to be the ones with rich parents who’re rollin’ in money. Of course there are exceptions in all cases, but still, stupid people seem to be the most careless out there. Sure you might argue that they have less to worry about in life, because they can pay themselves out of everything. Shiiiit! people who know Bush can pay themselves outta jail for crying out loud!!!

To me it often seems like the wiser people of the world, are the ones with less money. Does needing to to think more about money automatically make you think more about other things in life? I don’t know, but at first you might come close to thinking so.

I don’t know this is a confusing topic, and if you’re rich and weird, please don’t be offended, I make a lot of jokes to myself that really aren’t funny at all, and if you’re rich and wise… could you spare a few bucks? I’d like a pizza from my local pizza place, rather than frozen ones from the local supermarket, tomato sauce, cheese and oregano is all I ask for.

Canned Fish!
Me being stuck on canned fish a few days ago at 4 AM!

An apology for Chris and Bryan of The Linux Action Show

On last night’s episode of The Linux Link Tech Show I called Chris and Bryan from The Linux Action Show “assholes”. I realize this was improper, and would like to apologize for doing that.

TLLTS is done at 02:30 AM my time, so I am always a little tired while either listening, or for the past three weeks, hosting the show. I guess that caused me to be a little cranky. This is not an excuse, but a reason.

Again, sorry about my choice of words.

I asked Patrick, one of the usual TLLTS hosts, to post this message on The Linux Action Show forums, and I emailed it to Chris and Bryan personally.

Phew! Exams over!! HOLIDAY!!! :D

!!! FINALLY !!!
Exams are over for now, and it’s two months of summer holiday! No school for two months, should be nice. I wrote my last blog post, about 10 hours before I were to attend my Danish exam. It went quite well. You could say that my Danish exam this year has been componetized. It consists of three separate grades. First of all, you do a writing part, where you writing skills are tested (I did that one in the beginning of May), I received a grade of 9 on that one. What I did three days ago was the “unknown text”, where you draw a number, get a text that you’ve never seen before, then you have one hour to analyze it, and take notes. After the hour has passed, you need to give a summary of the text and talk about it for about 25 mins. In this part I received a grade of 10. Finally, before you attend any sort of Danish exam you are to do a so called “project”, which is to write either a report, a novel or something. I wrote one entitled Moderne Kommunikation, which translates to Modern Communication, which was about Internet related communication technologies such as email, IRC and instant messaging. I am extremely proud of the grade I got on this one, I received a grade of freaking 11!!
I was extremely pleased about that, but on the other hand, I did put a lot of work into it! 😛

Anyway, after completing the exam, I went and had some shish kebab for lunch, which I’m glad that I did, because after an intensive exam you do get hungry. After that I hurried home to prepare for the episode of The Linux Link Tech Show, that I were to do along with a guy from Mexico named Alexandro Colorado. Although I felt like trash through the entire broadcast/recording, because of sleep loss, I thought it went quite well. If you’re interested in listening to this episode, you can find it right here: tllts_197-06-20-07.ogg
Please notice that it’s extremely geeky, we discuss a bunch of news within the landscape of GNU/Linux and free software, good stuff for those who’re interested in that.

For the last two days, I’ve been sleeping a lot, try to regain the hours lost because of the exam and the radio show. Next week I’ll be doing a tutorial/HOWTO on FreeBSD’s jail feature, which is really cool, and I’m writing an article to go along with it, which of course will be available under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 license.

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