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Red Steel 2 officially confirmed! :D

“At an event in Cannes, Ubisoft has finally confirmed what we’ve known for a long time now. Red Steel 2 is indeed in the works for the Wii. It seems as though Ubisoft will be completely reworking the sword fighting this time around, which will hopefully result in a much more engaging system. While an online mode was rumored, nothing has been confirmed just yet.” Source: Go Nintendo.

When Red Steel originally came out, a lot of people were extremely negative about the game because of the lukewarm controls and the sword fighting system. I have always thought that Red Steel definitely could have used, a couple of more months on the workbench. Now having said that, it was definitely not as bad as a lot of reviews made it out to be. I’m glad I ignored most of the reviews and went ahead and bought the game, because boy have I had a lot of fun with it, seriously I still play it quite a lot these days, shit I played it earlier today!
So as you probably have guessed, Ubisoft’s announcement of Red Steel 2 is extremely good news today. Now that there’s no “Wii launch date” to meet, I really hope they really take their time and do the sword fighting just right, and polish the graphics just a bit, because there were some parts in Red Steel that were somewhat “boxy”.

Anyway, for Red Steel 2, I really really hope that it’ll be possible to have multiplayer sword fights over the internet, that would just be amazing!

This week is E3 Week!

This week the Electronic Entertainment Expo of 2006 is going on in Los Angeles, this year both Sony and Nintendo will have some new stuff to show off regarding their new consoles, PlayStation 3 and Wii. Microsoft will of course also be at the show to show some new Xbox 360 stuff.

I’ve looking forward to E3 2006 like a 5 year old kid looks forward to christmas, because the thing that excites me the most is the surprises you often run into in technology and especially when all the analysts’ predictions are reversed.

So, what’s to look out for at E3 this year? Definitely Nintendo, they should have playable versions of some of the games for the Wii, so should Sony as well with games for the PlayStation 3.

All companies will have pre-E3 press conferences, if you go to you will be able to watch them live when they’re going on, big big props to GameSpot for making that publicly available! 😀

Personally, the thing I’m looking forward to the most is Nintendo’s announcements on the Wii, maybe a price point? Launch date? Games? All these things are something they might reveal, a few months ago, Shigeru Miyamoto said that there were still some secrets to the console that we didn’t know about, maybe we’ll get to know these secrets in just about 24 hours?

So much to see!

Nintendo Revolution Controller Finally Reveiled!

Yesterday Nintendo finally reveiled the controller for their upcomming next generation console, Nintendo Revolution. And I tell ya, this is different. I’ve looked at A LOT of fan mock-ups of the controller and nothing I’ve seen comes close to what Nintendo showed at Tokyo Game Show yesterday.

Nintendo Revolution Controller

Main Controller Features

  • 3D Pointing. Sensors understand up, down, left, right, forward and backward.
  • Tilt Sensitive. Controller can be rotated or rolled from side-to-side.
  • Buttons Included. Has a trigger on its backside, face buttons, and a D-Pad.
  • Multifunctional. Has an expansion port which can be used with different types of controller peripherals. Analog stick with two trigger buttons planned for left hand.
  • Wireless. Totally wire-free. Currently there are no details on the max distance, source or power, or otherwise.
  • Rumble Built-in. Included as a standard in all the controllers.

Source: IGN

On the DS, Nintendo split the screen in two, with Revolution they’re splitting the controller in two!

You may think “What the fuck are you gonna use this thing for?”, well, imagine a first person shooter game, you could control the player with the left-hand D-pad and aim your gun with the right-hand remote-like controller, you could also use the remote for a flash light.

Satoru Iwata, president of Nintendo, also said, during his keynote at TGS, that the Revolution controller is very expandable, in the back end of the remote you will find a little plug for add-ons. During E3 Iwata said that it will be possible to download old Nintendo games off the web and play them on Revolution, for this, Nintendo will be designing a classic-style controller so that those older games will feel more like playing it on the actual older Nintendo console.

Personally I’m really excited about this new controller, when it comes to real innovation, no one beats Nintendo, after all, they has over 20 years of experience with video games! 😉

IGN has some very good in-depth articles about this new controller, go check ’em out!

Satoru Iwata’s announcement of the controller at TGS 2005 (Video)

IGN articles:
TGS 2005: Hands-on the Revolution Controller
TGS 2005: Revolution Controller: The Possibilities
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Happy birthday…

“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Mario, happy birthday to you”

Today, the 13th of September 2005, it’s been 20 years since Nintendo released the first Mario videogame, which was called Super Mario Bros.
Oh boy, so much has happend since then! And many things are about to be “revolutionized” 😉

Mario is probably the best known video character ever, I first heard of Super Mario when I was three years old, damn those were the days… Oh, day dreaming again! 😉

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Dated?

“According to Amazon, the U.K. release date is set for 25 November, with the U.S. getting the game slightly earlier on the 14th.”

This is so exciting, one of the Zelda developer team’s goals with Twilight Princess, was to surpass Ocarina of Time. That is one big goal, but judging from the screenshots and gameplay videos I’ve seen so far, I don’t think they will be too far off! 😀

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