Installing LibreOffice on Debian Squeeze

About 1½ weeks ago or so, LibreOffice was released for Squeeze via Debian Backports. Obviously great news given what has been happening to after Oracle’s take-over of Sun. However, when I first tried installing it on my Squeeze-powered workstation, it insisted on installing AbiWord and a couple of other packages as well, which I […]

Sun releases OpenSolaris … and I am not very interested!

Sun just announced the launch of their new OpenSolaris operating system distribution, formerly known under the code name of Project Indiana. This is supposedly a new “Way”, as people in Zen Buddhism say, of Solaris, that is meant to reach out to advanced users and developers of GNU/Linux to get them to take a look […]

Fedora coming clean on issue of the proprietary media codecs

One of the features of Fedora 8, was the introduction of CodecBuddy/Codeina, as a way to tell users new to GNU/Linux, who tries to play a multimedia file in an encumbered format, where he or she can get codec support for those, as Fedora cannot include them for legal reasons (Hint: The completely stupid, and […]

Deconstructing Xbox 360 Security

Video recordings of the various presentations from the 24th Chaos Communication Congress are now available on the Internet. I immediately went and pulled down Why Silicon-Based Security is still that hard: Deconstructing Xbox 360 Security by Michael Steil and Felix Domke. In this presentation the Xbox 360’s security system is explained in details, plus various […]