Back home, after a schooltrip to south Germany!

Hey folks, the reason my blog has been pretty inactive for the last two weeks is that I’ve been on schooltrip to Berchtesgaden in south Germany. The bus drive nearly killed me, it took fucking 19 hours to get there, and then a week later, it took 19 hours to get home!!
I finally came home last Saturday, and right when I got home, I caught a nice classic cold. So I’ve been busy trying to get rid of it for the couple of days.

The trip was a lot of fun, on the 31st of August we walked six kilometers, with a constant rise, up the Kehlstein mountain, that walk nearly murdered me, to see Hitler’s summer residence. I wonder how the fuck did those crazy nazists ever mange to build that shit? 😛

I’m glad to be home, and back blogging! 😀

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