As I said a few days ago, on the 26th another attempt for me to get an education failed, luckily it wasn’t a crash landing like last time this happened in 2006. I was at Vejle Handelskole on the clarification of AspIT, a relatively new kind of education, the website for it says (Google Translate):

“AspIT is a customized training model for young people with Asperger syndrome. We started in Vejle, and today is a nationwide offer to young people with what we call talent focused on IT. At the same time AspIT also worth keeping an eye on for Danish companies looking for new employees with a unique flair to many of the IT tasks that other young people find it difficult to resolve.

AspIT is the world’s first IT training for young people with Asperger syndrome. And Aspi is not like other young people. They are characterized by being good at their profession, very loyal, very honest, and they have an intelligence level between normal and high combined with an excellent memory abilities. Our experience tells that it is properties that many companies appreciate.

The concept for AspIT is simple. We are starting with the young Aspi’ers strengths, and develop each student’s talent. We do this with special regard to the requirements of an Asperger have to acquire new knowledge. That means small teaching teams with personalized learning in a safe and trusting working day.

Teaching is a carefully planned combination of education at one of five vocational schools that offer training model, and internships in companies.

That young people can gain qualifications through a training course organized according to their specific needs, there is no doubt about that. After three years students have achieved verifiable, personal and IT-related skills which enable them to solve concrete tasks for companies implement practical training, and receive learning at a high level of IT.”

This all sounds great, and to be honest I think for some people this might be great, however for me, it proved to be very disappointing, humiliating, frustrating, confidence-ruining etc. etc.

So now I’m back at a total blank! I’m getting really tired of this education rush, everything I’ve been trying for the last four years (I finished public school in 2005) has utterly failed, or at least havn’t gotten me any further.

I believe in the concept of “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs!” originally put forward by Karl Marx, and I am quite willing to contribute to society to the best of my ability, but nobody will give me a job, so what’s a guy to do? It’s quite depressing. Here I am with quite a bit of knowledge about computers, and society is increasingly using computers for more and more, and is at the same time in need of more people to administer those systems, yet nobody will hire me to do anything. Quite sad really, it’s a loose-loose situation if you ask me. I loose because I can’t get a job and thereby no money to live for, and society is without one more skilled worker in IT.