An attack on one of us, is an attack on ALL of us!!!

Well, well, well, well! What do you know, Red Hat and Novell are being sued by a patent troll named “IP Innovation” (Which is a retarded name, because of the hypocrisy in it) for infringement of a patent on multiple workspaces, just one day after Steve Ballmer, once again, started on his patent racketeering parade.

I don’t know about you but if some random idiot shows up, and says to me that I should pay him or her money, even though they havn’t done shit for me, I just get pissed off!! Who in the freaking world are they to just come and say that I should pay them money!! What kind of retarded logic is that!!

And I don’t like being threatened either, that’s another thing that pisses me off! “Ohh you should pay me money so that I don’t sue you”, yeah I am so afraid! Mr. Ballmer, if you’re listening, I got some advice for ya: Get off the pipe and see a psychiatrist.

Anyway, as much as this is Microsoft being annoying as always, it also goes to demonstrate how completely idiotic the US patent system is. I mean the guy who came up with it clearly had his head too far up his ass, blocking oxygen circulation to allow him to think straight!

The patent that Red Hat and Novell are getting sued over was filed in 1987 by Xerox, now I am not an expert in this area, but aren’t patents of any sort only supposed to last like 18 or 20 years? I was born in 1988, and I’m 19 years old. What is going on here!!

Oh well, time to go to court I guess.

I was in a discussion about this mess on The Linux Link Tech Show forums earlier, and one of the guys were like: “I remember virtual desktops on my Amiga. The Amiga was developed around 1982 and sold in 1985. Hello prior art!! “.

If you know of more things, you ought to try and send it to Red Hat or something, because wasting more time that necessary on shit patent suits like this is just ridiculous.

Am I angry… YES!

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