24 hour Pokémon marathon during the weekend

Just a month ago, on July 27th when Pokémon Diamond and Pearl were released in Europe, I noticed that the version that I bought was the American version. I was a bit frustrated about, as I was expecting to get the European version. Back in 2000 I had an American version of Pokémon Yellow, but when Pokémon Stadium for the Nintendo 64 came out, and I hooked Yellow up to it, it refused to function because of region locks. This resulted in me having to spend another 400 DKK on a European version of the same game. I didn’t want to risk the same scenario again when Pokémon Battle Revolution came out, so I called up the store, and told them about it. I made a deal where the guy would get a European game for me, meanwhile I could just play the one I had. Before I erased my savegame data on the US version, I had about 25 hours of gameplay on it. I started playing my new European version on Friday evening, around 7 PM. Right now it’s Wednesday 12:21 PM, and I have 35 hours of gameplay! Yeah! I did a Pokémon marathon over the weekend! 😀
I’m the sort of person that might have pretty big breaks between gameplay, but once I sit down and play something, I can sit there for hours and hours and hours! Especially with games like Zelda and Pokémon.

Having played Pokémon Diamond a lot for the last couple of days, I can honestly say that this is a great game. For all those losers who claim that Pokémon is only something, that six year old children wants to play ought to just shut the fuck up! There is no way that a six year old could efficiently complete this game! Especially not English speaking (Reading?) children. Another cool thing is that like with the previous Pokémon games, it can be extremely simple, and you can also go extremely crazy and extremely advanced gameplay.

Excellent job Satoshi-san! Yet another generation of excellent games.

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