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A guest from Bolivia at the SPP party congress

At the party congresses of Socialist People’s Party the last few years, there have been guests from other countries. Last year a woman from the Tibetan government-in-exile gave a speech, about the Beijing government’s oppression of Tibet.

This year, a person from the Movimiento al Socialismo, MAS, of Bolivia, gave a speech (In Spanish, so a Danish translation could be read on the projector) about the changes happening in Bolivia at the advent of the presidency of Evo Morales.
Quite fascinating to listen to! 😀
Hopefully it will be available for download later on! 😉

Healthy debate in a “broad” party

Here at the party congress of Socialist People’s Party, for the last several hours there’s been a debate about various issues. It’s quite beautiful to see that a political party is “broad” enough to contain various opinions. Rather than having a party “lead from the top” like a shepherd herding sheep (Like certain parties on the far-right of Danish politics seem to have).

Villy starts off with a bang!

Here at the party congress of Socialist People’s Party, chairman Villy Søvndal is speaking to the delegates, he started his speech off in a fairly kick-ass way, I think he might have taken a page out of Barack Obama’s book. 🙂

I’m attending the party congress of Socialist People’s Party

Today, delegates of from all over the country, is gathering in Århus for the annual party congress. Yesterday, I got a note on Facebook from party chairman Villy Søvndal, that regular members and the general public was welcome to attend as well. So that’s what I decided to do. Given that going to Århus is only a 40 minute trip by train, and that the party congress is held within walking distance of the train station, I thought it would be fascinating to attend.

In about 10 minutes, chairman Villy Søvndal will adress the delegates in a speech. Which I will be experiencing first hand, as I was invited to sit in with the Silkeborg delegates by our local chairman. A great honor indeed! 😀

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